Electricity services on the south shore of Montreal for commercial and industrial

Jean-François Turgeon, Master electrician on the south shore of Montreal

For all your business or industry needs, your master electrician offers you his services in installation, inspection and electrical troubleshooting on the South Shore of Montreal.

Whatever electrical emergency your business is facing: drop in voltage, presence of electrical sparks, short circuits or any other electrical emergency, Jean-François Turgeon and his team will intervene quickly for your safety and that of your employees and equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the South Shore of Montreal.

Here is a list of the various electrical installation, inspection, renovation and repair services offered by TG Électrique on the South Shore of Montreal. This is not exhaustive, if you have any need for electricity, call us at Jean-François Turgeon and we will advise you and answer all your requests for information.

  • Electrical installation for new construction sites
  • Electrical renovation of workshops, shops and plants
  • Signs installation and commercial lighting
  • Installation of generators
  • Commercial charging stations installation
  • Electric heating installation
  • Commercial electrical troubleshooting
  • Installation and compliance of electrical panels
  • Electrical inspections of workshops, businesses and factories

Thanks to many years of experience as a commercial electrical contractor, we are well aware of the issues and problems that companies face on a regular basis.

Our fast, personalized and flexible service aims to meet all of these needs so you can focus on running your business. Our in-depth knowledge of the commercial standards to which your company must comply, also avoids unpleasant surprises that could arise as a result of non-compliant work.